Ashley Thompson

Every good book begins with a catchy first sentence, every good movie opens with an intriguing scene, and every good podcast starts with that one-of-a-kind line.

This is my establishing shot. You may know me from my work in podcasting, specifically the Mortality Worx Podcasts most notably, ‘I Exist’, however podcasting was not my initial discipline, and though I am yet to become published, my area of expertise lies in poetry and long-form prose.

In spite of these disciplines, it is my belief that some stories are better suited to different mediums. As such throughout this blog, I will be learning how to better my understanding of my preexisting expertise and succeed while also learning about other forms of storytelling including film, comics, and animation, all while sharing with you my discoveries, critiques, reviews, and more.

I hope you join me for my foray into this world of storytelling.